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Inground Pool Vinyl Liner

Inground Pool Vinyl Liner | What is a vinyl liner pool?
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Inground Pool Vinyl Liner

What is a vinyl liner pool? A vinyl liner pool is a pool with a customized sheet of vinyl between the water surface and the pool structure. These liners usually lock their top edge into a track situated at the bottom of the deck at deck level. The vinyl liner pool consists of five main […]

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Pool care in Winter

The harsh elements of winter can damage different parts of the house, and the pool in the garden is no exception. If you plan to turn off your pool equipment in the winter to save on electricity and chemical costs, think again. Not only is there a risk of damaging expensive filtration and plumbing systems, […]

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Why choose salt water pools?

Salt water pools are the automatic chlorine generator which can be a great addition to any pool. The salt water pools are referred to as a smart choice when it comes to evaluating its different benefits. Salt Pools have several cost-effectiveness. No need to buy disinfectants as the on-site production of disinfectants in salt pools […]

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What is a solar pool heating System?

Are you worried about high swimming pool heating costs? Well, you can reduce that by the installation of a solar pool heater as they have very low annual operating costs. Solar pool heating system is one of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy in some climates. If you live around Hawaii and you need […]