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Salt water pool: An alternate solution to chlorine pool

Salt Water Pool: An alternate solution to chlorine pool.
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Salt water pool: An alternate solution to chlorine pool

When people talk about a swimming pool, usually they are talking about a chlorine pool. A standard  chlorine pool relies on regular addition of chlorine or bromine to disinfect the water. However, the popularity of chlorine pools has been declining due to the side effects that chlorine has. Some people who swim in chlorine pools […]

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Everything you need to know about pool tile repairing.

It’s summer time, and who wouldn’t love to have a splash in the cool waters of their pool. A pool is a great place to relax and have fun with your family.   Pool tiles repair: The beauty of a pool is dependent on a lot of things, and tiles are on top of that list. […]

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What is the importance of a swimming pool skimmer?

Every   pool  has crucial cleansing gadget additives that paintings collectively to offer right cleansing. One of these gadgets is known as a “Skimmer” and its key position is to maintain the floor of the pool water smooth from particles which include leaves, insects, pollen, bugs, etc. The skimmer is wherein water leaves the pool earlier […]

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Pool safety covers Vs Winter pool covers

Pool Safety Covers The safety cover is made of mesh or solid vinyl that attaches to the pool deck anchors with straps. The straps are about 5 feet apart around the pool. Safety covers  prevent accidental drowning and further protect children, pets and neighbors. In addition, the safety cover keeps dirt, debris and leaves out […]