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Solar Heating For Your Pool

Solar Pool Heating Systems in Oahu, HI

Solar Heating For Your Pool

You can save you lots of money and conserve our precious resources by reducing the need for oil or gas. Your pool solar heating can work independently or with your present pool heater. The cost to operate pool solar is nothing. Your existing pool pump sends the water thru the solar panels, the sun does the rest.

How Does it Work?

Solar panels are put on your roof to collect the energy from the sun, south facing direction is preferred. After installation, to heat your pool you will only need to set the automatic solar thermostat control unit for the desired water temperature. What happens then:

  1. The roof sensor detects heat from the sun and tells the control unit to send pool water thru the solar panels. This is automatic once you set your temperature on the controller.
  2. Your pool pump sends cold water from the pool through the solar collectors.
  3. The solar collectors transfer the sun’s heat to the water as if flows through the collectors.
  4. Warm, solar-heated water flows back to the pool, continuously circulating through the collectors until it reaches your pre-set temperature levels. At night and in limited sunshine, a sensor prevents the pool from being cooled by automatically triggering the controller to shut off the system and drain water from the collectors.

State tax deductions are available for solar heating units. Contact your tax advisor for details.