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Swimming Pool Fiberglass Repair in Aiea, HI

Swimming Pool Fiberglass Repair in Aiea, HI

Are you looking for fiberglass repair and installation around Hawaii? If so, then Natural salt pools LLC can give you the best fiberglass repair service including other swimming pool services. We are a swimming pool service providing company also specializing in fiberglass pool installation service in Aiea, HI and the surrounding area. We have had the experience of dealing with all types of swimming pool problems you can think of for about 26 years and have had the trust of our valued customers all along when it comes to helping them with their swimming pool cleaning and maintenance work.

Fiberglass Pools are the type of pools made out of fiberglass and several other layers that add strength, support, and durability to the pool. Natural Salt Pools LLC is here to get you your desired type of fiberglass pool installation or repair services you are in need of.

Why choose a Fiberglass pool?

  1. Easy and quick installation: A fiberglass pool can be installed within 24 hours, unlike other traditional inground pools.
  2. Easy maintenance: As the fiberglass material keeps dirt from sticking to the floor, it is always easier to maintain.
  3. Heat resistance: A fiberglass is an insulating material and can resist water up to 8 degrees Celsius than other types of pools.

Although, if your fiberglass is poorly installed then it can show some complications.

Common problems in Fiberglass pools

  1. Gelcoat cracks: Gelcoat cracks are a problem that needs immediate attention and repair to avoid it from spreading. The Gelcoat level should be around 30 millimeters, if any thicker then there will be chances of developing cracks.
  2. Blisters: Blisters are commonly seen in the old fiberglass pools which also require immediate care that should be left to be worked on in the hands of the professionals.
  3. Discoloration: This problem might occur if your pool is poorly maintained and the cause of the discoloration is usually the chemistry of the water in your pool.
  4. Leaks: Leaks from plumbing settlement is another problem that may be caused due to poor installation work for which you require gravel backfill that can help avoid any leaks.

However if your fiberglass pool shows any of these kinds of problems then you can always depend on our professional swimming pool contractors to help you with it. Along with fiberglass repair service, Natural Salt Pools LLC also provides pool resurfacing service, pool tile replacement service, repairing and replacing your swimming pool coping and also your inground pool finishes.

CALL US and GET AN ESTIMATE for the fiberglass repair and installation services you are in need of and we will be more than happy to assist you with it. You can trust Natural Salt Pools experience and skills to provide you with one of the best fiberglass pool installation services around Honolulu County in Hawaii.

There are three main parts to servicing A swimming pool.

  • The Equipment
  • The Chemistry
  • The Cleaning