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Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement in Ewa Beach, HI

Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement in Ewa Beach, HI

Pool vinyl liner holds the water inside your swimming pool and also serves the purpose of attraction for your pool. However, with its age there are various problems that it may experience for which you might require a replacement of the liner. Natural Salt Pools LLC is a swimming pool service company that offers you a reliable pool liner patch for your pool around Ewa Beach, HI. We have been providing the swimming pool services around Honolulu County for about 26 years. Hence, you can trust our skills and experience to fix your swimming pool.

The vinyl liner is the interior surface of the pool that is used as the waterproofing membrane to hold the water. A pool vinyl liner has a lifespan of 5-9yeras if they are kept in good maintenance. However, a poorly maintained pool liner may develop some problems for which they need repair and maintenance service from a professional. Given below are some of the problems that might be seen in your pool liner as a consequence of poor maintenance or other various reasons.

  1. Out of track pool liner: Poor installation can be the result of the off-center vinyl liner, which is meant to fit tightly into the shape of the pool.
  2. Fading the Vinyl Pool liner: The color of your liner might fade away because of excessive levels of chlorine, or constantly low PH and Alkalinity which can lead to the brittle vinyl liner.
  3. Leakage of pool liner: As the liner ages, the possibility of leakage in the pool liner increases. This can result in the washing out of the backfill behind the walls.

If your liner has been showing similar problems then you can count on the swimming pool contractors of Natural Salt Pools for an effective repair and replacement for your vinyl liner. You can also expect other swimming pool repair services from our contractors like fiberglass pool resurfacing, repair of pool mosaics, pool coping stone, fiberglass lap pool, and swimming pool finishes.

Natural Salt Pool ensures an effective service of pool liner patches that you can get in Ewa Beach around Honolulu County, Hawaii. So, CALL US TODAY and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT for the liner services that you require around Honolulu County.

There are three main parts to servicing A swimming pool.

  • The Equipment
  • The Chemistry
  • The Cleaning