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Swimming Pool Fiberglass Repair in Ewa Beach, HI

Swimming Pool Fiberglass Repair in Ewa Beach, HI

Fiberglass swimming pools are one of the most rewarding and customizable ways to transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. Compared to concrete pools, fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain and have the strongest and the most durable material. When you invest in a fiberglass pool, you’re building a pool that will last a lifetime and remain as a constant source of relaxation, fun, beauty, and delight year after year. However, like everything else, it can show some complications due to lack of maintenance. Natural Salt Pools is a swimming pool service providing company that gives an effective fiberglass pool resurfacing services around Ewa Beach, HI. Hence, you can trust Natural Salt Pool’s experience and skills to repair your fiberglass pool if it experiences any problems.

A fiberglass pool is made out of seven layers that fuse together to form a strong and flexible fiberglass shell that adds to its strength and support. It comes in a variety of shapes like rectangle, circles, amoebas, and many more. Fiberglass pools can last more than 30 decades, however, they do require proper maintenance and care inorder to be durable and strong for a long time. In addition, Natural Salt Pools also provides inground pool and above ground fiberglass pool installation, so you can feel free to come to us for any kind of pool fiberglass services you are in need of.

Common problems and solutions for fiberglass pool maintenance

  • Mismatched repairs on some colored gelcoats (solution: solid-color gelcoats)
  • Spider cracks in the gelcoat (solution: a great manufacturer and installer)
  • Pool walls bulging (solution: gravel backfill)
  • Fading and discoloration (solution: Cross-Lynx Composite Technology and proper pool maintenance)
  • Leaks from plumbing settlement (solution: gravel backfill and The River Pools Way)

Natural Salt Pools provides you all types of services related to fiberglass repair including other swimming pool services related to fiberglass pool resurfacing, pool mosaics, pool coping stone, and swimming pool finishes.

You can always trust a reliable fiberglass pool services company like Natural Salt Pools for any kind of swimming pool services you want around Ewa Beach, HI. So, CALL US TODAY and GET AN ESTIMATE for pool fiberglass repair or other pool services that you require.

There are three main parts to servicing A swimming pool.

  • The Equipment
  • The Chemistry
  • The Cleaning