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Pool Tile Repair and Replacement in Hauula, HI

Pool Tile Repair and Replacement in Hauula, HI

Do you require pool tile repair or replacement service around Hauula? If you do, then Natural Salt Pools provides you with reliable pool services. Natural Salt Pools LLC is a licensed pool service company that offers you the repair and replacement service of inground pool tile around Hauula, Hawaii. Thus, you can rely on our 26 years of experience in providing the swimming pool services around Honolulu County.

Tile is one of the long-lasting interiors for a concrete pool, which requires much less maintenance and is easier to clean. It also serves the decorative purpose of a swimming pool. However, pool tiles may develop many problems for which it requires repair work or even replacement. Some of the common problems of pool tiles are:

  1. Delaminating tiles: Delamination of the tiles occurs due to the adhesion failure between the tiles and the concrete, which makes the tile to fall off. There are many other reasons for delamination tiles like a dislocated deck, unripe substrate, which happens due to the water penetration into the substrate.
  2. Cracked tiles: Tile cracks may occur due to many reasons such as ice formation, shifting deck, or chemical erosion. Also, if mortar(a thin medium connecting tiles and substrate) breaks, then the tiles might move and crack.
  3. White deposits: White deposits on tiles is the result of the accumulation of magnesium and calcium, known as efflorescence.

So, if your pool tile has developed similar symptoms, then you can trust Natural Salt Pools LLC for a reliable pool tile repair and replacement service. Thus, Natural Salt Pools LLC offers you the pool services such as repair of pool resurfacing, concrete coping, Hawaiian fiberglass pools, inground pool finishes, and replacement of tile pool liner.

If you want to replace or repair the inground pool tile, then you can seek out the help of the Natural Salt Pools LLC, a swimming pool expert around Hauula, HI. CALL US TODAY and GET AN ESTIMATE for the swimming pool services that you want residentially or commercially.

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