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How does pool heating work?

How does pool heating work? | Natural Salt Pool - Blog
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How does pool heating work?

Having a swimming pool is a great add on to your home. You can relax and have fun with your family around your pool. For the summer, swimming pools are great and you can take a splash whenever you want. However, if you feel like you need to take a swim during the cold months […]

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Pool water chemistry: Basic Pool Maintenance

How nice and easy it would have been if you could just fill your pool with clean water, and never have to worry about algae, bacteria and other contaminants growth, isn’t it? However, the truth is even if your pool contains clean water, and you scrub and vacuum your pool daily, it will still get […]

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5 steps to restore your pool

Pools can require a lot of maintenance and work to keep them in peak condition. And from time to time, the job can overwhelm homeowners and allow them to close their pools for a period of time. If this happens to one of your clients, or perhaps buy a new home with an old pool […]

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How to choose a pool liner for your above ground pool?

If you have a pool or are thinking of installing it, choosing a pool liner may be one of the most fun to add to your garden’s overall design. Your pool is your personal oasis. The appearance of the pool should reflect the vision of tranquility. Therefore, it is important to choose a pool liner […]